Live paint, and exhibition from Bristol’s enigmatic Andrew Burns Colwill

Visitors to Bristol’s Harbourside will be familiar with Andrew Burns Colwill’s powerful mural on the container in Anchor Road. The piece shows two men playing chess atop a poignant timer suspended on what appears to be a flimsy tight rope bridge.  A traditional tribal warrior with the background of a decimated forrest and traditional warriors, faces a modern day soldier from a war torn modern day with soldiers poised in another brutalised forest.  In the mid ground we see a broken bridge between the old and the new with a rising city – seemingly torn from the landscape raised by the egotistical figures that can also be seen in Andy’s ‘the Inflatable Mr Smith’. This is the multi-layered work of Bristol’s Andrew Burns Colwill.  Bristolians will be treated to an exhibition and live paint event of Burns Colwill’s work on Thursday 1 December at No1 The Harbourside starting at 5pm as well as an exhibition of new works and print sale.  Organisers say ‘For one night only the covered walkway at Bristol’s harbour will transform into a fairylight-lit, outdoor dockside gallery.But though the artwork will be the centrepiece of this evening, it will not stand alone. The Harbourside Market is bringing its usual delicious collective of street food traders to supply dinner throughout the evening, and there will be live music and DJs keeping the walkway buzzing. Art lovers will be able to bring a piece of the Night Gallery home with them, via a print art shop running out of No 1 Harbourside.’As Andy’s printer we can reveal pieces on sale on Thursday will include ‘Whose been eating my dinner’… The original mural can also be found in Bristol.  Locals will appreciate the nod to the rumoured illusive crocodile suspected to have inhabited the local waters around Bristol three years ago.

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Source: Live paint, and exhibition from Bristol’s enigmatic Andrew Burns Colwill

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