3 is a magic number – featured artist Angus

This series of blogs features the talented artists participating in ‘3 is the Magic Number’ exhibition in Bristol. The exhibition was curated by four Bristol artists – Jimmer Willmott, Jemma Davies, DIFF and GUTS.

Introducing the work of Bristol’s Angus.

Angus fish

Of his first piece: ‘You are always going to be the biggest fish if your the only fish!’ He says:  ‘Its true in any walk of life if your the only one doing what your doing in that place. Put that fish in a bigger tank with other fish and suddenly your not that big any more !!’

Angus finger

About his ‘Digitus Medius “It’s just a friendly little F**k Off !’  He says ‘Unfortunately that button doesn’t exist yet. But if it did we’ed all use it.’

Of his third piece (not pictured)  ‘No Anti-Social Behaviour’ piece he says: ‘Were a nation of looking down at these bloody devices made in cramped conditions by tiny hands. We survived without them in the 80’S / 90’s. The Art of conversation is almost DEAD.’

Angus is a Bristol artist born and bred . He is the cheeky chappie of the exhibition with his works heavily influenced by his local community, popular characters and objects.

A popular streetartist, Angus will be participating again in this year’s Upfest in Bristol in the summer.

Last year one of his pieces got quite a few views when it was picked up and shared by the LADbible.


You can see his work at The Ropewalk in Bristol as part of the ‘3 Is A Magic Number’ exhibition- on till 14 April 2017.

Links for Angus



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