3 is a magic number – featured artist Guts

This series of blogs features the talented artists participating in ‘3 is the Magic Number’ exhibition in Bristol.  The exhibition was curated by four Bristol artists – Jimmer Willmott, Jemma Davies, DIFF and GUTS.

Introducing Bristol artist GUTS

His inspiration comes from music, comic books, cartoons movies and old video games. ‘I am inspired by art that makes me smile with elements of the gross and grotesque, presented in a light hearted way. The work of John K. on Ren and Stimpy, Ed Roth, Jimbo Jones, that sort of thing.’

He is a self taught artist who is ‘practicing constantly to better my work. I have always made art since I can remember but have recently, in the last year and a half or so, been trying to get my work out to an audience.’

Guts started spray painting last year and took part in upfest, which he has been selected for again  this year as well as several other paint jams. ‘I took part in several shows last year, including a joint show with Jimmer Willmott at matchbox. I have a few shows lined up already for this year.’

Of his work for 3 is a Magic Number he says ‘Two of my pieces for the show (the Snail and Pez) are sketchbook ideas, the Bike was drawn and coloured directly onto the canvas.

Guts New Bike

He continued ‘I generally work from my head and see what comes out, and these are usually the pieces I’m happiest with as there is nothing to compare them with and they feel more organic.’

Guts has recently been modifying vinyl toys and is working on building on this.






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