3 is a magic number – featured artist Julian Quaye

This series of blogs features the talented artists participating in ‘3 is the Magic Number’ exhibition in Bristol. The exhibition was curated by four Bristol artists – Jimmer Willmott, Jemma Davies, DIFF and GUTS.

Introducing the anthropomorphic world of Bristol’s Julian Quaye.

Julian’s work over the last few years has centred around his ‘Aviator’ series which he plans to turn into a story book and hopes a film at some point.

The characters in his work all have a back story from the mysterious aviator above:

“Over the centuries there have been reports of mysterious ‘Ships of the Air’. Many who have reported seeing these strange exotic crafts have been ridiculed and occasionally ostracised by their local communities.

Some have even claimed they have met the pilots of these sky faring craft and accompanied them back to their ice clad land.

Others have even said they have found the remains of downed ships, only for the wreckage and themselves to disappear in the dead of night…”

To Leon Lebart in ‘Renaissance Man’:

“Leon Phonsonby Lebart.

Shrewd radical free thinker, libertarian and wealthy inventor. Whose search for the near mythical compound Vermelho Q and the construction of perpetual motion devices will drive him almost insane. Until a surprise ’ tweet ’ informs him of a mysterious downed ship of the air.”

To his pamphleteering conspiracy theorist Mr Snuggles seen here in ‘Mr Snuggles is Straight Outta Collompton’

“Mr Snuggles’ wild rants and pamphleteering from the backroom of The Woodcutters Inn in Bristow about – shadow governments, secret agents, mind control experiments, corruption in high office and the black clad Kalystrii – bring him to the attention of those in power…….”

Julian is a commercial artist with over 25 years experience.  His murals can be seen in bars across Bristol and the west country:

But it is his for his anthropomorphic characters that he is best known.

His work for this exhibition takes a tangent into pop art rather than his intricate mixed media work.  Of the change he said ‘I wanted to do something looser, more fun, not as tight’.

He continues ‘I also wanted to have fun with the pieces and not take them quite as seriously.  They are a real tester for some of the work I want to explore next’

Of his pieces for the show he added ‘As the show is 3 is a Magic Number’ then I wanted to see what I could produce in three days.’

‘This also meant I could keep the prices down for the show to make it accessible for people’s pockets.’

About his future plans he said ‘I’m using this to explore different styles, they will tighten up as I go along, but for now I’m enjoying the experiment’.

 You can see his work at The Ropewalk in Bristol as part of the ‘3 Is A Magic Number’ exhibition- on till 14 April.

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