3 is a magic number – featured artist Pencil Girl

This series of blogs features the talented artists participating in ‘3 is the Magic Number’ exhibition in Bristol. The exhibition was curated by four Bristol artists – Jimmer Willmott, Jemma Davies, DIFF and GUTS.

Introducing Pencil girl. The name came from the tattoo of a pencil drawing on her arm. ‘When I moved here from Australia nobody in London could remember my name and they started calling me Pencil Girl.’


She says she has always drawn since she was little.  ‘I’ve always loved art.  Its the best way to zone out.’

Pencil girl studied fine art at Sydney University before switching hemisphere’s  ‘When I was done I found myself on a plane on the way to the other side of the world. When I was young my mother said you can only create from what you know. But i was only out of teenhood so i still thought i knew everything. Better find somewhere new.’

She continues ‘The other side of the world is scary! Monsters, Mysteries, Adventures and angry adults live here. The only way to deal with that was to make characters that could help me through. I had to re-make friends and learn new roads but id already expressed my own in the mean time so that when I was lost I was “ok”.

‘Traveling meant I could only use the materials I could afford or find and has really meant what i make has changed and evolved even when I wasn’t expecting it to. I meant people who let me paint their walls of there new homes or cafes and others who wanted me to paint for their unborn little humans.’

Of Bristol she says: ‘Finding Bristol was a blessing. I fit! it was like finding the right sized envelope for my birthday card. Dream! SO many fantastic people with brilliant talents of all kinds and all so welcoming! Thats how i mett the talented people who organised this show. I feel pretty lucky to meet people with similar obsessions.’

Pencil Girl says here three pieces for the show were fun to make:  ‘I don’t think I’ve painted on canvases for years so I was all excited for the challenge.’


‘You can see my adventure I had through a jungle of a new town with new monsters around me that I’m soon to make friends with.’


‘Costumes and and animals that help me escape sticky situations or just my bad day that no amount of giggles could solve and I just deserved some bed.’


You can see her lovely work at The Ropewalk in Bristol as part of the ‘3 Is A Magic Number’ exhibition- on till 14 April.

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