The peace love and chaos of artist Bunny Boiler’s work. See his work in Bristol and Gloucester.

Artist Bunny Boiler was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1974. He says he never really liked art during my school years, as his art teacher didn’t allow them to draw spaceships over their exercise books and never encouraged their imagination.  He tried college but didn’t find it inspiring at all and dropped out a month in, but when he was 18 that he discovered Tank Girl, 2000AD and his all time favourite artist Salvador Dali.

Since then he has drawn constantly  but felt his art didn’t ever follow any specific direction until a friend suggested he buy a tattoo machine and ‘that inspired a 10 year journey of thousands of fun times with a living canvas.’  During that time he was also a prolific street artist but he says  ‘My art was always demanding more of my time and attetion, and bunny love began evolving.’


Bunny Boiler says ‘Bunny Love has a simple philosophy: ‘Be kind and loving to all, shared through the streets and through my art. Bunny love is cute and fluffy but is sometimes naughty too. Drawing bunnies meant I could explore various emotions and situations, and people would still say ‘aww’, which appealed to my darker side, and meant my sarcastic sense of humour could shine in my work’.

He has  featured in shows worldwide, including London, Australia and New York. His first solo show is coming up in his local town of Gloucester  in May called ‘Bunny Love ‘.   It is about, he says ‘Exploring some of the ancient history of bunnies and the bunny love philosophy. I am extremely excited about this solo show a d have produced over 50 new, unseen pieces and even a sculpture, which I can’t wait to reveal.’


Bunny’s work  can be seen in Bristol this month until the 14 April at the Ropewalk Pub Bristol as part of the 3 is a Magic Number curated by four Bristol artists Jimmer, Jemma, Diff and Guts.


About his work for the show he says ‘My 3 pieces for the ‘3 is the magic number’ show followed a simple thought…what’s inside bunnies? The more I thought about it the more I realised it was just more bunnies inside, causing chaos….and inside those bunnies…?’


Where you can see Bunny Boiler’s Work:

3 is a Magic Number, Ropewalk Pub, Bedminster, Bristol till 14 April

Bunny Love, 3-30 May Gloucester Guild Hall

Links for Bunny Boiler




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