A one man ideas factory in action – Neil Roberts

Just sharing a blog I did today for Keynsham Photo Centre about the multi-talented Neil Roberts

‘I am an idea factory and love to be taken away by a tangent of creative impulses pushing me into realms of profound experiences.’

Neil is a multi talented artist taking and creating inspiration from his photography and translating it into his art.  Over many years Neil has been working on a wonderful collection of paintings which will result in a complete Tarot deck.  Of this work he says ‘The “Tarot of the Living” depicts friends & personages that encompass the attributes of the Tarot, a pictorial divinatory system. This gloriously laborious process has taken me on many wonderfully significant & strange encounters. I hope to have this oil painted project completed in its entirety at some stage.’

We asked him to tell us more about the photographs we have printed for him for this series.  ‘These two photographs are of my friend Gaia from Italy.  She is a contortionist and acrobat so is a wonderful model for the shapes and forms that I want to create for this body of work.’


He continues ‘I will be using this shot as a basis one of the elements in Last Judgement card.  The word gaia means the earth.  This is about the earth in pain – the pissed off state of the planet where humanity treats it like a dustbin.’  The main element of the painting will be an older man playing a pipe.  When the painting is completed for those familiar with the Bristol arts scene they will recognise gallery owner Mark Hoddinott from It’s All 2 Much as the central figure – and not a lot of people know that!


About his photograph above Neil said ‘I was experimenting with light and fabric and form.  This shot is the one I am going to use for the Universe card which will replace my previous painting.’

The Universe


Of his female models he says  ‘They are all great friend of mine.  Some are older now and have had kids and I’m always happy when they get in touch – often asking me for copies of the photos form earlier days.’

About working with us at Keynsham Neil says: ‘Absolutely first rate service…always friendly, helpful, professional and get my photographic printing needs spot on! It is almost like I am there printing them myself to my desired specifications. Would recommend them to any amateur or professional photographers.’

More about Neil’s work

More about  Keynsham Photo Centre and our work with photographers

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