May the 4th be with you – Featured artist Jee See

Jee See is an artist, born and bred in Bristol, UK. in the last 5 years he has painted on walls in London, Bristol, Swindon, Birmingham and Hastings.

He also paints acrylics on canvases and has his own illustrated short comics called “FUGG”.

FUGG comic cover issue 1.

He has exhibited alongside the infamous Boswell and his first solo show was in Stain Damage, Bristol. 2013 saw his work exhibited as part of a group show at Weapon of Choice, Bristol and his work was published in Co-Lab’s “PAPER” art mag.  He used his initials as didn’t have his tag then.

appeared in PAPER in 2013. I've got my initials on it because I didn't have my tag then

In 2014 Charles of London clothing company printed his artwork on T-shirts and this coincided with a show in Hastings exhibiting alongside artists like Adam Espira from London and Billy Houlston from Brighton.

My art real men wear printed by Charles of London.

Jee See has put on his own solo and group shows including the now legendary “Thru the Blak Gait” which saw artists take over a derelict warehouse to put on a group show. Artists included Boswell and the man behind the Coldplay album art, Paris.

Thru the Blak Gait and it was in Frome. The Marilyn face is by me and the insects and the rest was painted by Boswell

The above picture is from 2015 for the group show he organised with Boswell and Paris. The show was called “Thru the Blak Gait” and it was in Frome. The Marilyn face is by Jee See with and the insects and the rest painted by Boswell.

For the past 4 years Jee See has been a regular at Scribble n Scratch, a live art event in Bristol. Jee See continues to paint on walls, canvases and exhibit at Matchbox Gallery in Bristol. Facebook “Jee See”.


See his work at the upcoming show May the 4th be with you at The Matchbox Gallery in Bristol along with some more of Bristol’s finest:


Star Wars May the 4th Be with you – Curated by Mr SLEVEN

Featured artists: SP Zero 76, Shab, Lemak, Kid Crayon, MR Skillmatik, KLUE, DNT, Mr.SLEVEN, Myles Allanson, GUTS’art, Jimmer Willmott,Jee See, Paul Sargent Illustration , Phil Moody Illustration, Ian Moore, F. Adams.

Opening night:

6pm till late at The Matchbox Gallery, Bristol

The exhibition will run till the 3rd of June

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  1. […] “Sleven depicts letters and characters with his own distinctive take on graffiti and street art. His style is unique, bold lines you can tell are his. His work demonstrates he has a thorough understanding of how colours relate to each other and how nature, both of the human and the urban, speaks to our eyes. An organic artist, with a hint of the struggles of the underdog, his art stands tall and is vital for the jilted generation. A life lived, taking in the rich sub cultures of Bristol, predominantly Hip Hop, is right there on the wall or canvas. And is difficult to deny the truths told by this experienced and honest artist.” JeeSee […]


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