Pint and a painting – Klue Wone’s new exhibition ‘Naturally’ at The Farm Pub St Werbergs, Bristol

There are many things I love about Bristol’s art scene from the walls to the galleries and the enthusiasm for local cafes, bars and pubs to support local artists from all genres.  I had a chat with Street artist Klue Wone about his new new exhibition opening tonight at The Farm Pub in St Werbergs Bristol.
About his new exhibition Klue says:
‘The name of the exhibition is ‘Naturally’ which can be interpreted how one wishes.  I see it as a double / triple meaning but is for people to figure out for themselves.   I guess the theme is nature in a way, it’s about transcendental escape and inner peace and calm. I feel is that I’ve dealt with allot of stress , anxiety and depression before and am exploring the more meditative and spiritual aspects of my work.’
And about his work he adds:
‘My work is all freestyle.  I work like this so I can be interested in the final piece and find little details I wouldn’t expect each time I look at it.   I’ve never had any interest in painting something perfectly executed like most.   For me it’s way more interesting to paint a piece that’s irregular and fragmented as it leaves bits to be discovered.’
Klue says he has always been ‘into art and creating stuff from a young age’.   His first love and first drawing he ever did when he was 2 was a ninja turtle.  ‘Cartoon and comic book characters was def the start, and video games. Crash bandicoot is the one, probably didn’t inspire me much to draw initially to be fair but gotta name drop him while getting nostalgic.’  
He first developed an interest graffiti at about eleven from noticing around him and being fascinated by the style of the lettering.  ‘Then that lead me to ask for a book on graffiti which was graffiti world and the first page opening that book seeing a piece by totem 2 was basically my brain melt epiphany moment when I realised I wanted to be in this for life.’
The influences on his work are diverse.  He says  ‘Magritte , biker mice from mars , Escher, South Park , totem2 , crash bandicoot , daim , marvel comics , skateboarding , hip hop , rollerblading , fractal patterns and an active imagination. Bristol wise I’m a fan of everyone really but for me epok , bonzai , xenz and 3dom are the ones who’ve really inspired me to try and keep pushing my style forward.  I’m also a big miller fan but that’s more recently. And separately I’m a big fan of Kim gung gi. He’s incredible.’
When asked what other artists thought of his work he said:
‘I’m not entirely sure what other artists really say or think about my work to be honest. Mostly to my face it’s positive.  I know a lot of people lean much more toward the more crisp graphic look and I go for a much more expressive irregular look but that’s just taste and preference in my opinion. But hopefully people appreciate your stuff and what your trying to do. The nicest things anyone’s said is saying I’m world class because that’s what I wanna be and I’ve also been called the best abstract artist in Bristol which is nice. Maybe true.’
About the art scene and his work he says: ‘The trouble with this whole art thing is fine art feels too pretentious and graffiti and streetart largely lacks anything deep. Just one liner concepts and opposites juxtaposed and then probably recycled a few hundred times.  But hopefully I will have brought something new to the table at some point for better or worse rather than playing it safe and unconsciously rehashing classics with no sense of irony.’
In preparing for the show he said about his new work in the studio ‘I guess in a way I suppose I’m getting more transcendental for lack of a better word with my work and trying to portray the feeling of escapism I relish from painting and using my imagination rather than executing something perfectly. I.e my name. I’ve always been far more interested in imperfections. Essentially I’m trying to surprise myself and I aim to look at my work at the end and be able to look at the details for hours and hours and think “how did I do this?” ‘
He continues: ‘That keeps me interested but It’s not always the most strait forward way or cleverest way of working. Many have been unimpressed to be fair, so I guess what I’m trying to say is what I’m working in is improving my work and still being surprised by the improvement even though it’s obvious.’
So if you fancy a pint and a painting in Bristol why not pop down to The Farm Pub this month.  Clair Trick from The Farm added ‘It’s great to welcome Klue back for his sixth show here at The Farm. He is a very talented artist who clearly puts a lot of passion into his work. Please come down and show him your support.’
Klue’s exhibition ‘Naturally’ 2 June – 30 June 2017.  The Farm Pub, St Werburgs, Hopetound Road, Bristol.  The pub is open 12 pm – 12 am
Meet the artist Friday 2 June.

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