Andrew Burns Colwill’s new exhibition 20/50 Vision: Tomorrow’s Habitat – Extended till 24 June 2017

Andrew Burns Colwill’s latest exhibition 20/50 Vision: Tomorrow’s Habitat has been extended till the 24 June at Bristol’s It’s All 2 Much Gallery in Stokes Croft.  Andrew’s work has surprised people.  He is well known in Bristol and beyond as an accomplished street artist yet his work has a very classical form.

Andrew’s show highlights where he thinks we could be by the year 2050 economically, socially and environmentally.  It is a show which represents his unique view, his fears and hopes for how we will be living and the impact we may have on our planet as a whole.  With each of the paintings there is a handwritten explanation to give the visitor an extra dimension / understanding of his work.  In some of them he expresses concerns:

8 Ball Planet

About his ‘8 Ball Planet’ the handwritten note reads: To all the industrialists and multi-nationals playing our governments at political billiards I beg you – Please do not use our planet as the 8 ball.’

Some of the paintings have his hopes like in Herons :One of the most magnificent of nature’s creatures.  I hope that come the year 2050 our industrial technologies will have derived some elegant features and techniques from mother nature herself.’



There are also observational insights from his own experience like in Fish Out of Water.


There is also a poignance in his paintings on food production as can be seen in his Allotment and Beef Tanks.


And there is humour and tranquility too.


Andrew has been ‘blown away’ by the response to the show.  He said: ‘I’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by people’s response to the show.  They have responded so positively and talked about understanding the show and what I am saying about our planet’.  Andy added that he has been amazed by the time some individuals have spent at the show ‘People have been really passionate about the show and most stay between half an hour and sometimes up to an hour just staying with the paintings and reading the notes about the them and then coming up and chatting to me about the work’.

Following the response by visitors to the exhibition Andrew hopes to tour it later in the year.  ‘A number of people have asked me if it is going to tour as they would like their friends in Manchester / Glasgow etc to see it – so I am going to see if I can make that happen.’

From it’s initial two week run the exhibition has now been extended for a further three weeks till 24 June at It’s All 2 Much Gallery.

Meet the Artist

Andrew will be in the gallery to talk about his work on:

Saturday 10 June,    Friday 23 June      and Saturday 24 June.


It is a fabulous show in a fabulous space.  If you see one exhibition in Bristol this year make it this one.

Opening Times • Thursday 12:00 – 18:00 • Friday 1200 – 18:00 • Saturday 13:00 – 19:00  

Address: 11 – 13 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3PY.

If you miss it then you can get the chance to see Andrew paint live at Upfest this year.  His third year running!

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