Upfest 2017 – The magical, elusive, sensuous and emotive work of Annika Pixie

Annika Wilkinson ( annikapixie ) is Swedish born and raised but grew up in Scotland till she was sixteen.   She moved to Bristol to study Illustration at UWE In Bristol has remained every since.
She explains why ‘I have always been passionate about art.  It’s always been my tool for self expression and releasing my emotions. How I feel, where I am is all reflected throughout my art.’
Annika specialises in portraiture, nature with a mystical elusive style painting.   About her work she says ‘The first day I picked up a spray can I was hooked, I was found spraying once and got approached by threenine and friends and since that day been live painting at bars, independent stores, changing rooms, skateboard companies two story buildings. I love spray paint there is a freedom and magic to the media and I love to capture motion and emotion through my work.’


‘I love a intensity and vibrant colours and experimenting with media mainly using my electric unicorn palette and diverse range of techniques.’
She says the main influence on her work is travel and nature.  About artists that she admires she says ‘Artists I really look up to include Pichi&Avo after I saw them in Miami.   There is something so dream like about that collaboration.’


She continues ‘Andy Kheo is also another huge influence to me I’ve admired his beautiful work for years and I feel he encapsulates a sense of magic and mystery like myself in my book work.’ 

About her own work she says ‘When studying to present I have done multiple menus, posters and cd covers swell as 2 books. – story boards and finished examples can be seen on my website‘ 


She has been painting at Upfest since she moved to Bristol  and looking forward to this years festivities ‘and spraying my pixie colours there!’


Her work is magical, elusive, sensuous and emotive.  She says ‘I am passionate about creating art that touches on emotions and create mystical atmospheres you want to dive in to.’


A list of Shows, Range of her work and links can be seen on her website here: https://annikawilkinson.com/
Upfest Saturday 29, Sunday 30 Monday 31 July 2017
You can see Annika Pixie at the Rising Sun this year and painting on stage for scribble and scratch at Tobacco Factory  – see map for details festival map click here

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