Upfest 2017 – Ben Sims – The question of reality

Ben has had a fascinating journey into his artwork.  He said ‘I have always been into art but never really painted or draw in my adult life.  I suppose the thing that made me pick up a brush was the birth of my second child .  When she was born I started to think “what have I done with my life”.  This is when I started to look into what reality really was.’

In his search for reality he found himself watching and listening to pod cast programs like Red Ice Radio, Vertias, and David Icke.


‘The subject grew and grew – secret geometry, the moon, reality, spirituality.  Then 2008 I watched David Icke, and for me, basically the penny dropped.  I suppose the reality was I have been lied to my whole life – governments don’t care, doctors don’t really treat, schools don’t really teach . It’s like everything is backwards.’   Around this time he was watching an episode of Dr Who about Van Gogh when he started to wonder if he could paint his message.  Like many artists he is contently learning and refining his craft.   ‘I feel I am getting closer to being able to put that message across through learning my craft self-teaching.’  

He is getting some great feedback on his artistic journey:

Ben Sims quote by Anders Ludermark19650405_10155484314514993_2025215916_o

Not surprisingly Van Gogh has been an influence on his work along with Turner’s later work, Rothko and Jackson Pollock’s Moon Woman.

moon-woman jackson Pollock (BenSims)

Art is not his only his only influence.  He has a love of comedy  and mentions Bill Hicks George Carling  and also musical influences of Hans Zimmer, Max Richter and Gareth Icke.  He says “I would get many a good ideal from day dreaming to pod cast’.

Angry Robin by Ben Sims

About his Angry Robin he says ‘I came up with a design about three years ago – the angry robin. Every time I went into the Bristol City football club I could never find anything to wear, so I thought I would design something.’  His one man clothing line is continuing with flags, hoodies  and shirts as well as his paintings.


This is his second Upfest and his work has been seen in charity auctions for Temwa and Art for Africa auctions.  He says ‘I have sold my work all over the world. I sold my first picture on Facebook and have slowly kept going.’  He is looking forward to this year’s Upfest My goal is to paint something special for Upfest and try and get closer to my goal of doing art as a living.  I would also like to think I have made people think.  The world is nothing like we see it and love is the answer.’


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See Ben’s work at North Street Green at Upfest

Upfest Saturday 29, Sunday 30 Monday 31 July 2017

Upfest Festival Map

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