Upfest 2017 – Brazilian artist Diogo Galvão returns for third year running


Brazilian artist Diogo Galvão is known for his colourful marine themes.   The harmony of his vibrant use of colour, balanced with the  movement of his marine symbolic elements typify his current work.  He started working in street art in 2013, and  has been immersed in the world of urban art ever since.  The marine theme, which has always accompanied it on canvases, today is expressed vertically on the walls of the world.

Bit of background and how you got into art. 

I came from a family of artists and I started to draw from an early age and I started to paint it when I was 12 years old. At the age of 18 I opened an atelier with my mother, who is also an artist. And I’ve been painting ever since.

Influences on your work

I had a great influence of my uncle artist named Denizo. Unfortunately he passed away in the early 90’s and I have no record of his work.

What festivals have you been working on?

Bahia of All Colours – Together with the collective “Vai e Faz” (Vai e Faz), he organises the National Graffiti Festival “Bahia de Todas Colores” (Bahia of all colours), and in 2017 he had his third edition

EmpenaVivaProject 2 (2)

Urban Screens Festival – Participation in the TELAS URBANAS edict, promoted by the Municipal Cultural Foundation of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais / Brazil, through the Pampulha Art Museum.


The UpFest – For the third consecutive year, invited to represent my country in Europe’s largest street art festival.

What do other artists say about your work?

I hear lots of compliments about the colours of my work. I always seek to use bright and harmonious colours, for me the colour have strength, and as my friend Julio Costa once said, and I agree: Colour is God, because it is everywhere!

Can you tell me about some of your work

I had a job that I really enjoyed doing. It was the independent project “Empena Viva”. I realised the desire to paint in great proportion.  It was a great learning and a great opportunity to have  art that could reach so many people. I found in art the reason for my life and a great opportunity to see the world in a different way that could contribute to my own existence and development.

What is important to you about your art?

To transform

Can you tell me something about what you will be doing at Upfest?

Certainly representing the beauty and grandeur of the oceans

What are you looking forward to about Upfest ?

Yes for sure! It’s the best part of Graffiti. Great opportunity to talk and learn from the world’s great artists.


Website                 Facebook             YouTube            Instagram           Upfest profile

See Diogo Galvao’s work at South St Park

Upfest Saturday 29, Sunday 30 Monday 31 July 2017

Upfest Festival Map


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