Upfest 2017 – F1nk is quite a perfectionist or as his friends call him “a fussy bugger”

Fellow Upfest artist Nineteen91 describes F1nk’s work as ‘I find F1nk’s work to be an expression of the world he finds himself in. Every piece is incredibly detailed and photorealistic. F1nk is a perfectionist and that shows with in every aspect of his paintings. His imagination is his greatest asset and that coupled with his talent makes him an inspiring urban artist.’

I asked him to tell me more about him and his fabulous work.

Tell me about your background in art

I was born and bred in Bristol, started painting when I was 13,  although that was freehand graffiti work mostly done on rooftops and any building I could gain access to but also painted frequently down the deaner (a legal wall in Dean Lane skatepark, Bedminster) . At about the age of 18 I started to focus more on the art side of things as my house was pretty bare at the time. I taught myself stencil work and realised that if I spend enough time in photoshop and/or with a scalpel I could pretty much recreate any image I had in my head as long as I put the time in when cutting the stencils (a detailed 8 layer stencil can take me anywhere from 40 hours up to get it how I want it before painting). 

Who has inspired you?

One of my favourite artists is Jamie Hewlett who produced the artwork for such things as tank girl & for the band Gorillaz,  although I don’t think my artwork reflects this as it’s completely different, maybe I’ll do some Hewlett inspired work in the future.  

What have you been working on?

Upfest will be the first event in months for me as the last year I have just taken time out to spend it with family, however my desk currently has a massive pile of projects I’ve been working on recently which I will start releasing after Upfest is out the way. 

F1nk studio

What is important to you about your art

When I paint I find it most important to create the exact image that’s in my head as I’m quite a perfectionist or as my friends call me “a fussy bugger”,  I have stored so many paintings that didn’t turn out how I wanted them to it’s unreal.  It’s always nice to know what others see when they look at my work too. 

What will you be doing at Upfest this year?

I’ll be painting alongside a friend of mine (Nineteen91) on North Street Green.  I’ve gone for something a bit different to what I’d usually paint but hopefully it turns out well or I’ve wasted a lot of time & money haha. I’ve based this years painting on one of the only tv shows that kept me gripped from start to finish so it’s a bit of a homage to that I guess… Well that and I just thought it’d be a fun piece to do! 

And what are you looking forward to about Upfest?

I’m obviously looking forward to painting my board (hopefully in the sun with a cold cider) but I’m looking forward to hopefully checking out what others are painting, The talent at Upfest never fails to amaze me. 

Facebook                    Upfest profile

See F1nk’s work at North St Green.

Upfest Saturday 29, Sunday 30 Monday 31 July 2017

Upfest Festival Map

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