Upfest 2017 – NASKOOL – photorealistic work with aerosol cans

NASKOOL was born and raised in Baden Austria.  Of his early years and background in art he says ‘The interest in art and colours was probably put into my cradle.’

‘In 2004 I created my first graffiti under the pseudonym NASKOOL. I began my graffiti technique with typical lettering (style writing).  Over the years I developed and perfected the „graffoto“ the photorealistic work with the aerosol can on walls and canvas.   My artistic practice was exclusively autodidact.  From October 2016 I became self employed as a freelance artist with commissioned work on canvas, houses and artistic interior design.’

About influences on his work he says DAIM because I started with 3d letters, later on it was Maclaim Crew and Belin.

I asked him to tell me about a couple of pieces of his work.

k (1)

‘This is a portrait of my girlfriend on the wedding of my brother! It shows to energy of a happy moment! Love her.’


DSC_0798‘This one is a collaboration of fruit of doom writers from Austira, it is a wall for my writer friend Hush, who died last year! We met on Upfest couple years ago! He was an awesome human and friend. R.I.P’

What is important to him about his work?  ‘hight quality work, bring the work to live! so it looks like real.’

skull2 2IMG_8806 copyIMG_3971 3DSC_0330

About Upfest he says ‘I am painting at Ashton Gate with WoskerskiTitle, Pikto and Hannes Bizaarr!  I will paint a self portrait.  I am looking for to meet all my friends from the UK, it is my fourth time and it is always a awesome time there.’


Website        Facebook       Instagram        Upfest Profile

See NASKOOLs work at Ashton Gate

Upfest Saturday 29, Sunday 30 Monday 31 July 2017

Upfest Festival Map


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