Upfest 2017 – Bristol’s Guts and his first time at Upfest last year

Guts is a Bristolian artist who makes lowbrow weirdness for people who like that sort of thing. He mainly works in spraypaint, acrylic and posca on canvases and other stuff he finds lying around.  Inspired mostly by punk rock, comic books, cartoons, TV, Movies, and the video games of his childhood, his mission is to get all this stuff out of his head, onto a canvas and as far away from him as possible…  Upfest profile

What have you been working on this year since we last chatted about 3 is a Magic Number at the Ropewalk?

Since the Ropewalk show I’ve been involved in a Star Wars themed show at Matchbox Gallery,

may the fourth be with you.jpg

and ‘the splits’ Curated by Duncan Brown at Hamilton house. Both great shows with work by some awesome artists. I painted at renegade festival in Gloucester for the first time in April.

Gloucester renegade piece.jpgA great little festival with a lush atmosphere. Some ace bands and brilliant artists. had a proper laugh catching up with some familiar faces and meeting new people. First paint jam of the year and really enjoyed it. Also painted at Tamworth Urban arts and paint festival at the start of June.

Guts Tamworth

This was a really nice event, skate jam, paint jam and sunshine, what more could ya want? Had a blast collaborating with my old mate Jimmer Willmott on a dig dug inspired wall. Some next level art being painted there as well in the tunnels and around the park.

Tell me about Upfest – it was your first time last year?

I’m painting at the north Street Green this year which is a much busier area than last year so I’m excited about that. Had a blast last year painting at the rising sun. Was my second experience of live painting after Volksfest earlier in the year and was nervous. (Although not as nervous as i was at volksfest, with the massive crowds passing by, although that ended up being a great experience).  Soon settled into it and had an awesome day painting in the sun. The public were really nice and supportive, as were the other artists, drew in some black books and met some lovely people. Can’t wait for this year, the festival is a great event and painting there is a buzz. So much insane art to see there as well. This year at upfest I’m probably gonna be painting one of my skater characters, nothing set in stone as I have never worked as well from reference as I do out of my head. When it comes to spraying, the pieces I’ve been happiest with are always the ones I do freestyle off the top. Allows me to be freer with the paint/design as if there’s no plan, there’s no way of making mistakes! Gonna be a great weekend. See ya there!

Certainly will!

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See  Guts’ work at North Street Green

Upfest Saturday 29, Sunday 30 Monday 31 July 2017

Upfest Festival Map

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