Upfest 2017 – Spanish artist Dabuten Tronko – the powers of individuals, gods and nature

‘Something that comes from I don’t know where, and has to be translated by human being. That’s what creation is. My artwork is composed by different styles along a short career, inspired by the countries I visit. Intellectually restless and curious, I’ve been looking for the neuralgic centre of street art, graffiti and muralism. I’ve been taking part in events and festivals around the five continents, where I’m enriched by a very active exchange.

The colour, always vivid on my works, is the expression of a shifting glance. From the glimpses of new landscapes, new cities to discover. Like the brightness on a child’s face who unwraps the life.’  Upfest profile

Can you tell me a bit of background about you and your art?

I think I spent so much time in front of the wall when I was a child inside the classrooms. It was so boring, so i had to create mechanisms to be distracted. Maybe that was the first “inspiration”?

Seriously, my parents saw I’d spent lot of time drawing or painting, so them put me in a creative atelier; it was cool, I spent 10 years there.

Who has been an influence on your work?

Lots of artists came and influence me, from Picasso or Dalí at the beginnings, as other classical artists.. Frida, Michael Angelo, etc… But now,I’m inspired by contemporary artists, Kim Jung Gi, Jaw Cooper, Treze (acidcollapse), Antonio Galván, Said Dokins, the people from Etam Cru… and well,some much more.

What have you been doing this year?

I’ve been working with young people, who want to get in touch with graffiti and street art, I find a very important to  pass on what we know; and let the others create.

I’ve been painting at Bogotá last year, then I have my little jobs painting around in Spain, and I’ve participate on a handicraft and arts fair in Barcelona. Nothing big, you know.

I would like to have some events coming up, but, I just paint with my friends. And then when I travel I participate in everything that comes, like opportunities.  


Tell me what is important to you about your art

I’m working on something interesting for me. Something that reflects our power as individual person. The power of the gods, of the nature. Something that talks about how we truly are. Without masks, worries; expending our time on us, no money, no plans, no talk to talk; just empower oneself and being aware.

The most important for me is to treat it as a therapy, to empty myself of ideas, worries, feelings.. If that makes others think about something or wake up, then it’s better, i’m communicating. So, feel free and communicate.


Tell me about Upfest

I’ll be painting on a 6m x 2,4m surface. Something related with this I was talking about, the God each one is. I would like to exchange contacts, chat, walk, see. Meet nice people; get new influences. Have a good time. Maybe get involved in other festivals. Learn how this world works.


Website            Instagram

See Dabuten Tronk ’s work at South Park

Upfest Saturday 29, Sunday 30 Monday 31 July 2017

Upfest Festival Map

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