Upfest 2017 / Urban In Ibiza – catching up with my favourite Urban art toymaker (and cool street artist!)

I managed to track down Czee street artist and toy designer just before he jets off to Ibiza and he’s been a busy boy as usual.   

How did you get into art?

Art was always very natural to me I was good at it and never really had to work at it was just part of me … the way my art has gone now I relate to stuff in my life and find it very satisfying to try and connect to people .. it’s a personal journey but love it when others buy into what I’m thinking. 

How did the Czeetoyz lab start?

I have collected designer toys for years and for me it was somewhere I wanted my art to branch out into … I like the idea that art doesn’t have to be in a frame but can be formulated on a 3D object .. and even though designer toys have been around for some time it’s still quite underground and I like that place feels kinda special still.

What did you enjoy most about Upfest this year?

Is always great catching up with art fam .. that’s my fav part likeminded people u don’t always get to physically interact with 🙂 

Can you tell me a bit more about the piece you did for Upfest?

image2My piece for Upfest this year was a cartoon version of me .. there was no hidden agenda or story I just wanted a bold version of me stood there taking part 🙂

What have you got coming up before Xmas? 

I am heading over to Ibiza on the 9th August for the Urban in Ibiza show run by West Bank Gallery.  I am painting live at the show and have a range of designer toys for sale in the gallery launching 10th August based around myths and legends of Ibiza.


The same weekend I have some toys in New York at Clutter Gallery in a show which I am always excited about as I totally respect and love the Clutter family.  After that I jet off to Amsterdam to sculpt a 2 metre version of my empty can which is a first for me working at such scales and can’t wait … hoping to going to designer con in California in November and finish the year off with Art Basel in Miami.

If you were a superhero what powers would you choose to have?

Time traveling instantly so I can reach my people in USA anytime I want.


Upfest Profile                  Urban in Ibiza              Earlier chat with Czee


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