Great article from the London Calling blog – The Street Art of Upfest 2017

Great article and pictures from London Calling

London Calling Blog

A couple of weekends back we here at London Calling Blog had the absolute pleasure in visiting Bristol for Upfest 2017, our first time attending the event and an experience well worth the visit. Bristol is very much a place with a long and rich history of a thriving Graffiti and Street Art scene, most notably – though by no means exclusively – for producing the world’s most famous Street Artist, Banksy. So it is no surprise that Europe’s biggest Street Art and Graffiti event with some 300 artists participating takes place in such a city. It is amazing to see how Bristol has embraced such creative expression like nowhere else in the UK, this isn’t just noticeable by the sheer volume of works but also the places in which some of these works have gone up, on institutions and businesses that won’t tolerate such expression on their premises…

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