Cheltenham Paint Festival – get to know some of the artists

What a weekend coming up in Cheltenham.

For peeps who like to know a bit more about the artists I thought I’d delve into this year’s archives as I’ve found I’ve interviewed quite a few of the artists.  So here is a quick round up with links if you want to read more.

Andrew Burns Colwill

I work a lot with Andy and I am a fan.  Here is an interview I did with him recently at Upfest plus some some real insights into his work from the interviews I’ve done with him this year.

Blog links:

Reactions to Andy’s latest show 20/50 Vision (with some of the work)

About being an artist and about the Bristol art scene

Overcoming drugs and ten years in Greece

One of my first interviews with Andy about his work earlier this year

A catalogue of prints from Andy’s latest collection of work



Angus at Upfest 17.  Photograph by Neil Roberts

Angus is always good fun – and has had quite a year – here are my chats with him.

Angus on Upfest – and really pushing the boudries

Angus before Upfest and highlights of the year

Angus on his work for 3 is a Magic number exhibition in April this year


Looking forward to catching up with Bunny at the festival.  Here is an interview I did with him for 3 is a Magic number.

The peace love and chaos of artist Bunny Boiler’s work


Upfest 2017 / Urban In Ibiza – catching up with my favourite Urban art toymaker

3 is a magic number – featured artist czee13


DIff – Upfest 2017 Photograph by Neil Roberts 212 Productions

My favourite gentle giant.  Interview with DIFF for 3 is a Magic Number

Take a DIFF perspective – the wonderful work of Bristol street artist DIFF

Emma Caton


I had a quick chat with Emma about what she is doing for Cheltenham.

Emma makes it sticky at Cheltenham Paint Festival

Not an interview but here is one of the first blogs I did as I found Emma’s story fascinating

The Wonderful Work of Emma Caton

Gemma Compton

Lookingfor the lightupload

Upfest 2017 – The fabulous Gemma Compton and being herself



Upfest 2017 – Korp and his army of mutated worms



You can’t really call it an interview but there is a short piece coming out on Lemak on my Auntie G news page for 212 Productions this week.  Hoping to catch up with him properly over the weekend.

Mind Control


Upfest 2017 – Mind Control – early starter, smiles and frowns

My Dog Sighs

20232679_10154606533437413_7070414143030951242_o (1)
Upfest 2017 – photographer Neil Roberts

This contains his TedX talk from last year which is well worth a watch.

Upfest 2017 – My Dog Sighs – the guy who makes emotional attachments with baked bean tins

Paul ‘Monsters’ Roberts

(excerpt from my blog about 3 is a Magic Number artists:

Influenced by film, television and cartoons from childhood, Paul ‘Monsters’ Roberts’ artwork brings simplistic, comical takes on things around him. With his more recent work he has been influenced by geometric shapes within society but keeping his own ‘personality in the pieces with pink brains/slime’.


Stephen Quick

Upfest 2017 – Stephen Quick – mashing it up


Hope you have enjoyed my little collection.

I’m really looking forward to meeting more of the artists at Cheltenham.  You can read more about all of them on the Cheltenham Paint Festival Website.

By the way if you’d like more news from the Bristol art scene sign up for my irregular newsletter.



  1. An artistt I am becoming more interested in at the moment is Diff – I would like to know if he sprayed the little elephant in Dean Lane. Also I am in awe of N4T4’s work, finding out more about what makes him tick would be great. I hope you have a great time, the line up is mouthwatering. S


    • Yes it is!! He does all that lovely stuff with shadows so if you haven’t seen it at night then that is when the magic happens. Sadly he wasn’t at Cheltenham and haven’t caught up with him yet. N4T4’s work was amazing. He is on the William Hill Wall and I’ve shared Lemak’s video of his and the other’s wall down there on Facebook. Didn’t get to chat to him but will do next time – amazing work.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looking forward to seeing the snaps and reading your take on the festival Auntie G…. I’m hoping to visit the artworks left behind this week long after the crowds have gone!!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Glad to hear you had a fab time Auntie G… I went down on Wednesday to see what I could find after the event and enjoyed finding some of artwork left behind… I bet you thought Elm Street was far from a nightmare!!! Did Cheba paint the background? Lemak, N4TA, Philith and Peachzz all blended so well on that wall. I thought the Aggs Pavillion was monster good!!!!


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