Four new pieces of work from Bristol’s Thomas Dowdeswell to be in London this weekend.

I caught up with Bristol Surrealist Thomas Dowdeswell this week ahead of his new exhibit in London this weekend at Parallax and asked him what he was looking forward to:

“I’m looking forward to the latest edition of Parallax – a gathering of 300 international contemporary artists showcasing a brilliant and diverse range of art.”

Thomas will be showcasing four new pieces of work especially for the exhibition:

“I’ll be unveiling four brand new pieces of work.  ‘People Who Live with their Heads in Boxes parts 2 and 3’… from the ongoing American Series.  I think they are important works which raise questions about populism, the dangers of ignorance, the rise of right wing sentiments and the threats to traditional democratic values.”

Here are some of his study pieces preparing for the new works.



He is also adding two pieces from his latest collection of self-reflective pieces:

Alongside these paintings I will also present ‘Invisible Man’ and ‘Falling off the Edge of the Stage’.  These open, balanced, figurative pieces can be interpreted as loose self-portraits or at the least facets of myself in the context of asking what it is to be a contemporary artist and the constant striving for recognition, success and originality.

Here is some  detail from ‘Falling of the Edge of the Stage’. Oil on Canvas. 46” x 70” x 1.5” 2017 . The scene is a theatrical production, of staged drama and intense events – the dramatic process of creating a piece of work.


I popped in to visit Thomas in his studio earlier in the year when when he was working on one of the pieces.


The fair is open to the public on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July from 11am to 5pm.

To book free tickets, follow the link here:

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 12.05.46

Private View is on Friday 20 July from 7.30pm.



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