New ‘ScetcheS’ exhibition for Bristol artist Andrew Burns Colwill – “I’m taking my work down a new alternative route.”

Arctic Scream photo Neil Roberts 212 Productions
Artic Scream Andrew Burns Colwill, Upfest 2017 Photographer Neil Roberts
Andrew Burns Colwill Cheltenham Festival Gary Kearns
Andrew Burns Colwill Cheltenham Paint Festival 2017 Gary Kearns

I had a quick chat with Andrew Burns Colwill between murals, preparing for Upfest as well as his new show ‘SketcheS’ at the Bocabar, Bristol (Private View 25 July runs till the 9 September).   In this exhibition his focus switches from the previous environmental concerns as seen at his Artic Scream from Upfest last year and the strangled turtles of Cheltenham Paint Festival to what he says will be his “surreal and poignant view of the world”.

The exhibition will feature works in progress which give a real insight into his artistic as well as thought processes in producing new work.  Some of the new original works will look at the ‘falseties’ in society – ‘some we need and some we don’t’.  In some of the small sculptures we see gold false teeth, which in other work will be juxtaposed with themes of substance misuse in society which can be seen in the teasing title ‘Charlie’s Square Mile’.  Andy is keeping the work firmly under wraps till the exhibition starts.

Sunglasses are still a theme which continues in his work as can be seen in his earlier works.

Spare parts Andrew Burns Colwill detail
Spare Parts (detail)
Spare Parts
Spare Parts
Spectacles and Testicles
Spectacles and Testicles
Seagulls 2
A seagull stole my shades by Andrew Burns Colwill

For him they represent the shades society wears to stop it from seeing the realities of our world.  In this exhibition we can expect a surreal, poignant and powerful view from an artist without his shades.  Look out for his new ‘Oous’ (very much his unique take on his perception of people) and his thought provoking pieces on communication.  More to come after the opening night!!

ABC Bocabar


SketcheS by Andrew Burns Colwill

Private view Wednesday 25 July 6pm – 8 pm (click here for invite)

Show runs Tuesday 24th July – 9th September 2018 at The Bocabar.


Thanks to photographers Kineta Hill (feature picture), Gary Kearns (Cheltenham 2017) and Neil Roberts (Artic Scream).

You can also see Andrew paint live at this year’s Upfest  28 – 30 July 2018 at The Pantiles

Upfest link for map


  1. Enjoyed seeing Andrew’s artwork at the Bocabar on my way home from Upfest. Slightly off track but do you or Scooj know who painted the lady laying besides the Crest Nicholson Sales/marketing/visitors car park nearby? Well worth seeing indeed!!! Loved to know who the artist is if you could kindly help please…. Cheers…. Mitch


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