Andrew Burns Colwill’s vision for 2050

I had a chat with Andy this week about his recent work (more blogs to come!).  This month he has three pieces in the 50/50 exhibition organised by Artistic UK at The Crow’s Nest Gallery London.

The three pieces in his futuristic triptych reveal his vision on how we could find a way of growing meat, babies and body parts by 2050.  Hear what he has to say:

Little note – I am constantly beleaguered by sound (when left unsupervised)- stay to the end for the out-take – which also explains the leap in sound at the beginning!


At the opening event Andrew also featured live painting in his lovely work Harmony.  Colwill fans will notice a real change in style with his OOU’s (Our Of Uniform) characters.  These he explores in his latest exhibition at The Bocabar Bristol (another blog coming soon about them).

Harmony ABC 50:50 London 2018

In the meantime here is what he had to say about Harmony the Sketch which can be seen at Bocabar.

Little note – this was recorded in the only time I could grab Andy before the show – in a rather squeaky car journey – see what I mean about sound!


’50/50′ exhibition3 August – 23 August Crows Nest Gallery, Crowthorn Road London W10 6RP organised by Artistic UK

‘SketcheS’ exhibition, 24 July – 9 September Bocabar Bristol, Bath Road Arnos Vale Bristol BS4 3EH

For more interviews with Andrew about SketcheS and for prints see The-Kane.Gallery/SketcheS

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