The Gift explained by Andrew Burns Colwill

‘Creating borders and building walls is madness……. integration is number one…….. It’s time to change……’  Powerful and poignant painting for our times – The Gift by Andrew Burns Colwill Upfest 2018.

Here direct from Andy what he says about his amazing mural and the message behind it:


The Gift ABC photo credit @lewisquerelle
The Gift by Andrew Burns Colwill. Photo credit Instagram: @lewisquerelle



Andrew’s current exhibition SketcheS runs at The Bocabar till 9 September

and he joins Julian Quaye, Thomas Dowdeswell and Jimmer Willmott in The Kane Gallery’s:  ‘The Fab 4’ exhibition which follows on at The Bocabar 10 September – 4 November 2018

Next live painting:

BosFest 1-2 September Burnham-on-Sea

Cheltenham Paint Festival 8-9 September

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