Hi I’m Auntie G and I live in Bristol with two cats – one feline and one human.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 13.42.52Back in ancient times my degree was in Drama, Theatre and TV and I’ve always had a love for the arts.  My first job after leaving Uni was as a theatre publicist.  From there I moved into events management, marketing in the arts and leisure industries.  Around 2000 I fancied a change and moved into leadership and management training and coaching (and taught executive coaching at post-grad level).

Around four years ago I met Julian Quaye at an affordable art fair and that changed my life!  I was twitter phobic and to say not social media savvy would be an understatement – but he needed some promotion doing so (as I like learning stuff) I spent the next couple of years teaching myself the promotional ropes for the digital age.

And so now I’m back full circle, working with artists and creative businesses helping them with marketing advice, social media and talking things through.  Sometimes it feels like I am surrounded by madness – and I am very much at home.

If you are an artist with an exhibition coming up or a creative and you could do with some marketing advice or coaching I’d love to help.

If you are curious – click the link and have a look at my website: Auntie G



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