Who is Auntie G?

Hi I’m Auntie G and I live in Bristol with two cats – one feline and one human.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 13.42.52

How my blog came about was four artists were organising a fabulous show in 2017 called ‘3 is a Magic Number’ it had such a brilliant selection of Bristol and South West artists at all stages of their career I really wanted to get behind them in promoting it.  So this blog was born.

From there I then interviewed a number of my favourite Bristol artists before getting round as many artists as I could for 2017 Upfest.

Just after the artist’s show I was asked to curate work for The Shakespeare in Totterdown Bristol (so my first pop-up).  I realised I also needed to promote them so The-Kane.Gallery came into place.  Since then I’ve curated, co-curated and have a new show coming up at The Bocabar Paintworks Bristol from 10 September 2018 (more details coming soon).

My background is thirty years in marketing and corporate training.  I now work with artists on promotional projects as well as coaching for creative blocks / thinking / moving forward.  If you are curious – have a look at my website: Auntie G.

I rather feel this life with artists and other creatives has found me and I am delighted it has.  I am surrounded by madness and I am very much at home.


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